We are proud to present this very special collaboration.
The jazz-pianist Gerry Weil moved more than 60 years ago from Vienna to Venezuela and visited his home-country only twice since then.
In 2009 he came to Austria to receive the Decoration of Merit in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria from the Austrian government.
In 2018 he visited Vienna again, this time he was playing a concert in the
viennese Club “Mi Barrio – Andino”.
It was that night, he met with our CEO and musicproducer Daniel Kern for the first time and they immediately hit it off.
The next day, they recorded 3 of Gerrys Pieces on the Stage of the Mi Barrio
(you can find those in our SoundFlow Sessions) and scheduled a meeting for a recording session at Daniels place a few days later.
With that, the project “Kosmic Flow” was born.

With the great help of Gerrys son “Gerhard Weilheim”, they connected with top musicians from all over the world and produced this amazing mix of jazz, hiphop, funk, trap, pop and folklore music.
With big names like Apache, Trina Medina, McKlopedia the project got bigger and bigger, and after a bit more than 1 1/2 years we are able to present the final outcome!
80 years young.